Worried my weight is going to rise drastically as I reduce cigarettes

I think that I am going to continue to eat more and more as a substitute for cigarettes as I reduce the amount of cigarettes I can smoke. I’ve noticed myself snacking more already as I try to avoid smoking as much. I’m diabetic already and this is not something that I need. I purchased some chewing gum to keep me busy but it does not seem to be stopping me from eating more.

IDK… just complaining and stating facts. I’d hate to quit smoking only to gain 50lbs. lol. I guess I will just deal with any weight gain after I get smoking taken care of. One thing at a time…


Same thing happened to me when I quit smoking.

I don’t know about your meds and stuff,

But Wellbutrin really helped reduce my appetite AND help with cigarette/vape cravings.

May want to talk to your doctor about it if you feel like taking on a new med.


Thanks @Charles_Foster . I will research and look into for my next doc visit.

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Would you rather be dead or fat?

Lol. Well, neither smoking nor being grossly overweight is healthy, especially for someone with diabetes. I’m going to continue to quit smoking though.

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Jolly Rancher Sugar Free Hard Candy, 3.6-Ounce (Pack of 3) : Amazon.ca: Grocery & Gourmet Food

I dont smoke but I suck on sugar free hard candy to keep weight down

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That one is not good it has calories

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Yeah, I was just looking at that…but I get the idea.

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Kerr’s No Sugar Added Striped Mints – Kerr’s Candy (kerrs.com)

this is one of the ones i have at home

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You’ve identified the problem. Now create an action plan to mitigate it:

  1. Pre clean bags of veg that you can safely snack on.
  2. Have some sugar free Jello ready to go.
  3. Have some zero point veggie soup in the fridge.
  4. Find a way to get an extra 250 calories per day in to cancel out some of the snacks.



Thanks @velociraptor

You got this man.


@Bowens never a smoker, but lots of folks say the most fun part of quitting is how good food tastes again. You can get ahead of the curve by eating food is healthier and experimenting with the different flavors.

Most cardiologists will say that smoking is a bigger hazard to health than obesity, and recommend avoiding a strict diet until you are further along with quitting so you don’t fall back to cigarettes.


Thanks @ninjastar

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The nicotinegums make me sick. I mean my stomach can’t handle them. Well, brilliant, I have no money for food or cigarettes. I wanted to fast all my life, this is the coinincidental opportunity. They are more good news, I got the the job as a mental patient and today I get promoted for the national disability insurance scam (scheme). I really want to pull out, but the system insist.


Carrots and celery.

Carrot and stick…


It is true. When I smoked heavily all I could taste was super spicy Thai food. Everything else tasted like bland steamed vegetables or chicken. I can no longer eat spicy number 10 Thai food as easily.

It is true that cigarettes slightly suppress hunger. I think that may be the reason why people start gaining weight when they quit.

Over the years yes but lately I’ve lost due to exercise. I think giving up smoking is the right thing health wise to do but replacing the negative with positive is important. Yes. Food tastes way better but add some good exercise that works for you and watch your portion size. We all pretty much need dietry guidelines for us on meds.

Give up the smoking first. That is hard enough and then your in a place to move onwards with other avenues in your life…

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