Worried about Pdoc appointment

I’m really not sure what to say. Since my medication increase everything’s been kinda hazy. He’s not the best listener, I find he blows me off quite a lot, which is discouraging.

I do have a big list of stuff I’ve been writing down since September. Hallucinations, delusions, nights of no sleep ect. I’m not sure though what exactly to show him from it, if anything at all.

I’m very worried, everytime I have a Pdoc appointment I cry for hours after. I just never really felt heard or taken seriously. He makes me feel like he doesn’t think I should be there.

Idk, maybe it’s just me. Can you help me figure out what to talk about today?


Can you just hand him the list? Maybe write a blurb about each bullet point and then when he asks about it say more? That’s what I sometimes do.


I agree with @LED,

I’d make a clear outline of concerns and just hand it over.

Keep it short, to the point, and in order of importance.

Does someone go with you in the office or is it just you and the doc?

The reason I ask is because you may feel more confident if you go with someone else you feel is on your side.


Yes, I’m going to get my boyfriend to come in with me. I’ll also write down a list of things, hopefully that will help me. Thanks guys :blush:


I’m sorry It feels like he doesn’t take you seriously. Maybe just talk about the things that are troubling you the most. And if it feel like he’s not taking you seriously call him out on it and your boyfriend can back you up.

Best luck to you!


I have a p/doc appointment tomorrow and i have a few things to bring up with him, i try and keep it positive though,

I have written down a list of things that are bothering me and i have numbered them by seriousness, 1 being really bad and 10 not as bad,

and i have 12 things that i have been thinking about and i wanted to ask what i can do about it, i think i need to try and prioritise and tick the things off of my list,

another thing i will bring up is how i have been feeling lately and tell him about my job that i tried and ask him for advice about it.

also just tell him that i’m still taking my meds.


So it was alright, I cried (but I cry everyday from multiple things so I’m not worried) and I also chickened out and didn’t give him my list.

He increased my lamotrigine and put me on Wellbutrin. We’ll see how it goes.


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