World Cup

who do you fancy winning… i say Spain

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Me too,betted 50 dollar for fun on spain

seems there is not many football fans on these forums…:slight_smile:

i think the germans will win it all.

My heart is with Mexico but the reality tell me that maybe Argentina or Germany will win.

I was not impressed with Brazil.


i like rick mayall world cup song

the video is a bit hard core tho so i suggest caution if you are watching this video

I agree with you firemonkey; Brazil doesn´t seem a good team.

Brazil didn’t start well. Although in past world cups, one of the eventual finalists have lost their first game

Well the officiating has started well. Soft penalty in the Brazil game and 2 wrongfully disallowed goals for Mexico today.

you’re right. and the penalty in the brazil game was a disgusting dive. that’s how the game goes tho. diving is a part of the game.

I’d like Netherlands to win. They started out wonderful beating Spain 5-1!

Watching the game right now…Uruguay vs Costa Rica 1-0

I vote Mexico (naturally)

I will root for the underdog.

I’m a fan. Just not a very big fan. I used to play soccer/football in high school and Jr. college. I’m not sure who going to win. I haven’t seen that many countries play. I can’t believe Klinsman cut Landon Donavon from the U.S. team. Seems to me that it wasn’t a fair decision. Seems like he doesn’t like Donavon.

I don’t know who to back for the remaining games. Although I think a Brazil/Germany - Argentina final would be good, a nation that has never won it before like Colombia or Belgium being the victors would confirm this as arguably being the best world cup of my lifetime.

I kind of regret not watching any of the World Cup. I’d like to give soccer a chance. The main thing I dislike about the game is the back and forth. I also dislike hockey, basketball, and tennis for the same reason. Back and forth, back and forth.

At least with football it’s one team pushing for a while then the other, not a constant back and forth.

Just over an hour until the final. Overall, I have enjoyed this tournament. Lots of goals with the exception of a couple of games. Hopefully Germany and Argentina give us a great game.

So i suppose you really really hate ping pong then?