What's wrong with Brazil's defense in FIFA World Cup?

It’s breaking news that Germany defeated Brazil in 7:1 yesterday. The first three goals the Germans scored were just in 179 Seconds! So we cannot help wondering what’s wrong with Brazil’s defense performance. The fans of Brazilian team left the stadium before the match ended just unable to put up the pain.

I like both the German style and Brazilian style. Brazilian players were like dancing on the field while the Germans were like combating.

Thanks to FIFA association because this World Cup has brought with lots of cheers and laughter to our boring life.

The Brazilians needed to bite the Germans, do some flops, and knee people in the back.

Serious? I didn’t know that! I’m very happy! I’d love either Netherlands or Germany to win the World Cup, because I am half Dutch and a quarter German. :smile:

It’s true news that Germany beat Brazil in 7:1 yesterday. I am sad because it seems few people here followed up the 2014 FIFA events.

I have been watching and following the World Cup - I like Brazil, always have, but this time around they seem a bit flat and lifeless. If you ask me they got lucky in winning their games. The Germans are very good this year, I cannot wait to see the Argentina game - I will probably be rooting for them to win and go all the way - we shall see.
I do think that Germany will probably take it all, they are a well oiled Machine :soccer: