The Official World Cup 2022 Thread!

Hi folks,

It’s upon us in a few hours so thought I’d jump the gun and make the official thread so we don’t bore those who don’t like sports or football.

Simple rules. Keep the politics out of it and lets talk the glory that is the world game. Be parochial. Lets hear you talk the talk and see if your team walks the walk…Just be respectful and lets not be asses about it!

So. Get onboard and get excited as in a few hours we are kicking off with Qatar vs Ecuador…What are you looking forward too?..I’m looking at Aussies vs France…there’s like a 100 million dollars in our squads different but not expecting a win or draw…

England are my next pick after that as I’m always onboard if they get out of the group but so much pressure…

Anyways. Lets keep it civil and supportive and lets have a good time with the game that the world plays! Who are you supporting and who do you think will be there? My dark horse is Germany…always strong in the world cup and not seen any South American sides lately so always a player…Lets hear it!

Go the Socceroos!!!


I didn’t know that Germany was in the World Cup?

I’ll be rooting for the USA and Germany.

Germany is always a tough contender


USA :us:. They need to make condensed versions of each game that would be cool.


I support England but in my heart of hearts doubt they have the strength and depth to make it all the way. But would love to be proved wrong!


Good drive in the first match between Quatar and Ecuador. A couple of great goals. The teams are in different classes though. Ecuador will win easy it seems.


I watched the start of the match. It is nice watching lots of fit men run around.

Now I’m not watching it anymore though as it is my social time.


Quatar Ecuador: 0-2

Ecuador superior. Not a big surprise considering Quatar got a place in the cup by default for hosting it as opposed to qualifying. Quatar is a nation of only about 300 000 people.


It’s TV. I could say the same thing about pornography. But the media is not real life and takes too much strain. If you want to see and search for fit men why don’t you go to a gym or a fighting course where they can actually be talking to you. Perhaps this motivates you more than schizophrenia slows you down.

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First match tomorrow England vs Iran. Expecting England to take it.


Netherlands, Germany, France


Happy world cup yall!. :hugs::partying_face:


Literally lol. :soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer:


Any bowling fans remember the Chris Paul celebrity invitational? Pro bowlers team up with either pros of other sports movie or music celebrities for a doubles tournament. I thought they had stopped it but I pulled up the one from this year sponsored by Jimmie Allen instead of Chris Paul. Anyway I couldn’t get into it, do they show the World Cup on standard antenna tv or YouTube?

Go ENGLAAAAAAAAAAAAND is all i wanna say


Cant wait for tomorrows game against Iran. I hope we win with a significant margin

Looks like England v Iran is 11 pm our time so I’ll catch the later games. Bit of a bummer as I’d like to watch it…thinking of recording it anyways and watching as later game not the best.

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Oh man. Thats annoying. Over here its at 1pm i think. We so lucky in that regard :smile:

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Yayyyyyyyyyy happy with that result

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I’m also rooting for Brazil

So it’s the US, Brazil and Germany

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6.2 to England. Not bad.