Working at warehouse

I feel someone in my body. I just want them to leave me alone. Moe I think it’s him is torturing me, he is changing the way my body looks and feels just when I wrote this I need help, it is a dire situation, it’s an emergency, he said he did this with a rock. I just want them to stop. Who can I go to FBI, it is really serious and not my illness. Everyday he says he is going to kill me. I don’t know what his problem is he says it’s part of a show. People he knows keep touching my body all the time, maybe with the rocks. They make my chest bigger and body bigger. It worries me that their are women wanting my body or face but I hope I will look like myself. If someone could help me. He made my body look really big right now. Who should I go to? A neuro scientist?
It’s very serious. I feel watched and talked about. There is also someone in my body all this time. They always say the worse things.

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I think you should call your Dr and let them know how your feeling.


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