Working 2 jobs

Hey guys, I’ve recently started working two jobs in an attempt to get more money.
Its very tiring though. I wake up for my first shift at 3am, clock in at 4am, then I work until 1pm.
I have 3 hours to relax then i go to my night manger job at 4pm-9pm.

It is fun and keeps things interesting, I dislike working but we have to do it to survive. I hope everyone is finding success in their endeavours, be it a hobby or in the workplace.


No way I could do that. I have to sleep until at least 730 am. Good on you.

are you on disability?? I worry you are spreading yourself too thin…I worked two jobs back when I was still stable in my twenties…really hard on the body…physically taxing…

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@ZanyNotStoopid , instead of taking 2 jobs, I recommend that you take one job, but high pay.

that’s rough, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I worked two jobs as well before I got sz, they were easy jobs but left me somewhat ragged


I have not even begun the disability process.
I think if i can handle working then I will, there are other Mentally ill people that could use that money far more worse off than I.

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I like this, that’s how I feel. I so wish I felt capable of working. I miss it so much. My coworkers were like a second family and I miss them. Of course after 5 years half of them have gone onto new things. Anyway my self esteem would be so much higher if I was back to work. I know they would hire me back anytime but I just can’t make a commitment yet. Maybe come spring I can. I pray.

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