How do people work two jobs?!

I know there are lots of people out there who work more than one job to make ends meet, but I can’t even do it for two weeks. I’m training in the AM at my new job and in the evening I’m finishing up my two weeks at my old job. I can’t even handle it. I have plenty of energy in the morning for my new job thankfully, but for my old job I’m exhausted shortly after I start working. I can’t keep focused, I can barely stay awake through the shift, I feel sick. I know that some SZ people can’t even hold one job, and I’m wondering if I’m just physically exhausted or if I’m so mentally exhausted that it’s creating physical symptoms. I’m lucky enough to be able to hold one job with a severe mental illness, but I think that I’ve hit my limit. Only one more week of this but I’m so burnt out. Also this concerns me because what if I can’t mentally handle the hours required to make ends meet? I want to be able to put in the hours I need, but I feel like my SZ might be holding me back

Dude, you’re pregnant! That will take up all your energy and make you fatigued and sick. Don’t hold yourself to impossible standards. Any pregnant woman would have trouble working two jobs, even without sz!


Oh yeah I overlooked that lol I’m not used to being affected by anything physical so I tend to associate everything with my mental illness

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Maybe you need to just stop your old job. Tell them you tried to give them two weeks, but you just can’t handle it. If you say it respectfully, you shouldn’t burn any bridges there.

At time I have to do extra hours when the work is there, It wears you out meds make you tired, the work I do drains me and sore all over. I know how you feel. Just getting through that extra work is very hard, head to bed as soon as you get home.

True, I mean they really couldn’t blame me right? I technically have a “medical condition” and shouldn’t overwork myself. But I also need the money real bad. My car has been threatening to die on me and as it stands I can’t afford a new one. Decisions, decisions :confused:

Good idea, maybe I need to cut out my post-work video game time lol

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Another reason I have to go full tilt have 3 work trucks, when I drive past a parts store they get all excited and blow a gasket :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree with @ninjastar! You, your health & baby’s health are more important than anything else. Do you have no one helping you; emotionally and financially?

The gears on my flywheel are grinding down >_<

I have my fiancé, but even with his job, we just make ends meet and he works 60 hours a week

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Priority number one in your life right now has to be your health. Your doctor said it was especially important for you to keep your stress level low. If your car breaks, you will find a way to deal with it. Something will come up.

I really should take it easy. I worked 10-2 and then 3-10. I literally worked the entire day

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Geez, that is a long day!

You just gave yourself some really good advice. :relaxed:

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Yeah my new job is less physical than my old one at least which is nice. It’s a laid back environment

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I should take my own advice lol I’ve just never had to take it easy before, so I’ve turned into kind of a workaholic


I talked to aids in the mental hospital. Some worked three full time jobs. At one job they showered and slept. At another job they ate and did their laundry. And another job they opened their mail and made phone calls.

Yeah those were the aids on the night shift at the state hospital. They needed to sleep and saw to it that there were no problems in the night. The heck with I need someone to talk to.


I’m sorry. I love alone and if my ability to do my job is coming to an end soon. I don’t know what I’ll do then. I regret never finishing school or going to college. But at 15, you think being a model will make you super rich and you have no concept that before you get to 30 years of age, you’ll need a new career.

Wow I couldn’t imagine doing that! Props to them for their work ethic

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