Work was crappy today

Hello everyone. Just need somewhere to vent as I’m feeling sad/mad about work today.

I’m not going to go into specific detail paranoia says someone could ID me by reading this thread; but today has just been full of mistakes and looking like an idiot over something that was partially my fault. I’m pretty sure my coworkers mocked me when I was in the bathroom and talked about me behind my back too. I’ve been doing this job for about a month now and I’m still learning things but not fast enough apparently.

I’m ready to quit, but I can’t until I can find another job to replace this one which sucks as it could take a month or more. I’ve been digging through the threads on here for job ideas so I know a few places I could apply for and plan to this week.
I’ve also been reading the more encouraging threads, and while they’re nice it’s hard to feel good about myself or tough it out right now…I don’t feel suicidal or anything just sad and upset…

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I feel same maybe

I also posted prayer request things on facebook

You’re not doing well at work either?

I just had to cry it all out a while ago. Not looking forward to coming in tomorrow…

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Sorry to hear you had a rough day at work. Happens to everyone from time to time. Don’t give up hope and don’t give up fighting. Don’t be ashamed that it may take you a little more time than some others to get a hang on things. We all learn at our own pace. Don’t be so hard on yourself for making mistakes. I’ve made mistakes in the past also, but i treat it as a learning experience. Something to make me strong the next time round. I know it’s hard but hang in there.

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