Work called me

They have a role there, but it’s more hours than I want or would like. I struggled doing 5 hours this is 6.5 hours, 5 days a week. I worry if I accept it, I won’t be able to continue with it, regret my decision.

That’s a toughy.

Because you do want advancement,

But you can’t risk overdoing it.

I’d try to find a way to convey how appreciative you are of the offer but more hours is not an option for you right now.

It isn’t worth overdoing,

Especially since you know you’re at capacity now.

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I agree, because I know I will end up quitting the role if I accept it. Not worth it, I will keep on looking but in the mean time if they have something more acceptable I will accept it. I’ve already mentioned to them previously I can’t do more than 20 hours so I have to stick to that.


I think you’re being realistic

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