I need to decide on something

I was firstly informed by the employer that they don’t need me to work in the shop anymore, and then received an offer from the same firm to work in the back office, as a full time, in a junior position.

The hr describes the job duties and the package. I think the job nature is seemed manageable to me. But I am uncertain if I can maintain my attendance and job performance for long enough. It would be 5.5 to 6 days work week. At least 9 hours every day. It takes more than one hour of transport to the workplace. Previously, I have been working 5 hours of work on a 6 days per week. I have some weeks working 9 hours a day.

The salary is not much. The hourly rate is about the same as the previous part time. It would be a bit low, even for someone with lower qualifications. But I don’t need to go through interview and selection again. And my last full time job has been 4 years ago. My best friend suggests that I negotiate on the salary. Everybody else want me to just take it.

I probably should give it a try. At least I would find out if I can manage a full time job. It would be hard work for me and stretch on my abilities. If I negotiate with them and get an adjustment successfully, I think it won’t be more than a 100 a month.

So, what would be your suggestions? To take it or not? To negotiate or not?
Any ideas you want to share with me?

I dont think it would hurt to try, or accept it and do it for long enough to find another job maybe.

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I would probably take it as is, later if you like it you can negotiate on the salary increase, there is time for this

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On the weeks that you did work 9 hours a day. How did it affect you?
Working 9 hours a day for 5.5 to 6 days a week plus transport can take a toll on you after time.
If you don’t take it are you out of a job?
If you do decide to take it then I think usually once you are working in a position and have proved that you are handling the responsibility then after a couple of months you can ask for a raise.
Good luck on making your decision.

I agree with BarbieBF, don’t go too fast. Remember Icarus. We all need the sun’s light but be careful not to wander too close.

When I worked 9 hours… I was sleepy and wanted more rest. But I’m sensitive to stress and changes. I might not sleep well and might want to stay in the bed for longer.

If I don’t take it, I can join a vocational rehab program and wait for transition employment. It would be less demanding. But it would be temporary. I would need to look for job again.

I think a part time would be ideal for me.

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just hope your symptoms don’t start to become out of control due to stress. When it was first getting sick i worked part time at walmart in lawn and garden as a cashier. My symptoms were manageable and weren’t so strong.As soon as i started working third shift in clothes i was hearing voices more and feeling paranoid to the point where i hid in the back with the clothes racks.