Women experience 500 ups and downs in one day

True ladies?

Me don’t feel it, but maybe.

I saw this on a commercial today. They followed the mindset of a female firefighter, so, I’m not sure if this is every day people that feel this. Certainly not every women needs to be on meds, so, what the heck? I was thinking that possibly flucuations are hormonal? What do you think?

That would be about 31 mood changes an hour. Seems improbable. Was it an advert to push an antidepressant/ mood stabiliser ?

Ha I believe it was a Secret deodorant commercial certainly not clinical you think? I wouldn’t want to claim as always how emotional we are.

sounds like an exaggeration. I don’t think i experience 500 ups and downs a day. Maybe 10 a day sounds more believable. But i just maybe need to up the dose of my lithium or something.

Yeah agreed. I have a vague awareness of fluctuations anyway so not sure

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Seems excessive…until you get to menopause.

There’s a joke here somewhere but in the interest of civility ill leave it alone.