Woke up to a beautiful sunrise

Today is going to be a beautiful day … at least it was a nice sunrise …


It is a very sunny day today, temperature is +10 C, a very nice spring day, a good day for riding a bicycle.


Where are you located? How warm does it get in Summer there?

In Finland, in the summer it can get as high as +30 C sometimes.

I like these sunny days because it is nice to ride a bicycle. Today I rode 17 kilometers.

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Today has been a great day, I rode my bicycle 26 kilometers and it is very sunny, wanted to show some images where I was pushed in the baby carriage by my mother about 48 years ago, the time passes …


It’s cool that you are able to live in such a beautiful spot. I watched the sunrise this morning in my apartment which is surrounded by a few trees and a lot of buildings. It really comes nowhere near to comparing to what you woke up too. Beauty is hard to find in the inner city.

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Today I woke up to a beautiful sunrise again, it is a nice way to start the day, great !


You living in a beautiful place mjseu.i wish i could live in a cold snowy place like you country

There’s a table outside near the apartment building and I have learned you can watch the sunrise from there so I did so this morning. It wasn’t all that interesting but the birds chirped a lot and it certainly was worth doing.