The summer came, good to ride my bicycle


sounds like lots of fun :slight_smile:

i cant ride a bike :frowning:

Yes, it is fun. People are in their shorts and with T-shirts. Even my gypsy friend had left his black leather jacket home, because it is nice and warm. The summer is great.

It is 79 F degrees now here in the eastern Finland. Quite nice and people are really enjoying it. When I went for my bike ride again, there were many people on their bicycles.

Today in Finland :smiley:

@mjseu or anyone else - how do you post a video from youtube - what are the steps to do this - pretty cool bike

Just copy a Youtube link and paste in your post.

I rode my bike today too. It was 61 F and sunny but started to rain just as I got back home. The computer on my bike said I went 14 miles and averaged 13 miles an hour. I enjoyed looking at the flowers in everyone’s lawn.