Sunday bicycle ride - pics

I went to ride my bicycle in our little town today, it was sunny and quite nice, here are some photos.


Amazing… Like the bike casual but still seems like it handles like a mountain bike…and beautiful scenery

It’s beautiful! And your beard is getting bigger :smile:


Nice area. I’d like to cycle around there, it looks like there’s a lot of ‘flat’ places to cycle.

I used to bike a lot myself before i gained too much weight on the AP’s but since I was a “winter wuss” from the South the coldest day I biked was about 38 F. I never biked in the snow although on a mild day after an ice storm I saw a lot of ice left. Those are beautiful pictures and you must be really good at biking.

More photos of my bicycling today, today was a very sunny and nice day.


It’s really lovely where you live! Where is that?

I live in a little town in Finland. We have good bicycling trails in the summer, I like to ride my bicycle.


So beautiful! You’re blessed in that way! Thanks for sharing :blush:

You look like a boss sir. Hope the summer treats you well.

Nice photos! - I also like your beard @mjseu

Wow! That is some spectacular scenery there!

Every time I pass by this thread the song Bicycle by Queen plays in my head. I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike. Too bad my bike got stolen last year…


Please slow the rate at which the pictures are being produced or stop them altogether. I’d like to see them…

I like the beard! The scenery is beautiful where you live!

Beautiful scenery. And, that’s a pretty sweet looking bike!