Without the right medications, there is no recovery

My medications are the reason why I improved in my life. Without the right meds, there can be no recovery. The Risperdal is doing a number on me physically, but it is helping me function to a manageable point.
No meds - no recovery. This is how it is for me at least, I cannot talk for others.
One can talk about therapy, exercise, vitamins, social support etc … but if the basics are not laid out first - the right meds, recovery is not possible


@Wave I agree, i don’t think recovery is possible without the right combination of medications. It took 3 and half years. I’ve had small little glimpses of normalcy but medication would stop working or something would happen to cause stress and i would lose my grip on reality.

I think even with meds the best some of us can hope for is some measure of improvement rather than recovery. I guess i’m somewhere in the middle of the pack between meds have done a great job and meds did eff all and there were terrible side effects…

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“I used to sleep at the foot of old glory. And awaken with dawn’s early rise. But much to my surprise when I opened my eyes, I was a victim of the great compromise.” John Prine says it for most people.

I agree- without meds, you can improve functioning, but meds are a necessity for relief from symptoms.

I completely agree, I needed a good med combo to shift the stone in my head and let me out of the cave. After that, THEN I could use therapy, and other forms of support, but if those meds hadn’t been changed… I’d hate to think what I’d still be like.

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Pretty basic. Should be the number one commandment for recovery. I think most of us know how bad our disease can go untreated.

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Personally I don’t believe in anti psychotics at all. They did fu*k all for me. And the side effects were a pain in the ass.

I personally believe in the holistic approach/alternative treatments.

I guess,your still not on a suitable medication or combination,I am on a good combination and most my symptoms is relief but of course still have residual symptoms

Don’t know if I’d go so far as saying there would be no recovery, but if it does work for the individual, it makes it the faster and easier road to recovery.


There are probably some people who can recover without the help of antipsychotics, but I have never seen any concrete evidence of this in myself or in people whose stories I have read. Whenever my psychiatrist reduces my medication because of the potential for TD (Haldol), I get unstable. Talk therapy can help, but medication is the first line of defence.

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Yeah, the first line of defense. But not for everybody. Some of us just don’t get any better with meds. Seems I was too sensitive and “upside-down” on meds.
Hurray for those who get some relief.
Us at the bottom of the barrel will just have to sit and wait.