Withdrawn from AP's

is withdrawn from AP’s ‘‘psychosis’’ or the underlying illness?

I don’t think we will know in our lifetimes. It’s certainly not nice and being on APs is better for all those concerned.

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I read without ap’s we can get mad

the meds contain psychosis

meds keep a lid on it

Without medication, I go into psychosis.


I accept I need meds too @SpringRose

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Yeah. Acceptance for me was a process about the meds. I only stopped taking them for five days once. My husband said to be responsible and take the medication. No one ever tells me to be responsible, so I really listened.

:frowning: i’ve had a med reduction & i am suffering right now :frowning: i feel like crying

meds are important 4 all of us ,

your husband is right

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maybe @Resilient1 you can up the dose back?

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I don’t think I’ll survive another bout of this, its complicated but i cant win with this one, I was getting very tired & fatigued so my dr reduced it a little so now i have more energy & I’m less tired.

But things have gone really weird now, my head is all over the place, I’m up n down like a roller coaster sometimes, with some break through symptoms, also spells of dizziness, disorientation, tiredness.

I’m trying to manage it best i can but my mental illness is a monster & it seems like its chains are loose now :frowning:

I am trying without meds since one and half years. I was visited to psychiatrist doctor at least one year ago. Feeling fine by the way.

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I just realised i am a stupid mofo bc i forgot to take my med tonight :frowning: no wonder i feel terrible, a reduced dose & a missed dose is not a good combination :frowning: i just took my med though so hopefully feel better soon.


Hope you can sort out your meds so that your not feeling so bad , good luck, maybe start journelling keep track

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its more of a rebound effect, stopping meds cause brain to be flooded with dopamine and everything else that has been blocked while on meds, resulting in worse symptoms than even before meds, it improves eventually but theres still underlying symptoms coming back for most so ultimately gonna be a bad experience

It took years for me to find a few meds that work or help somewhat. Except the recent latuda.

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It would be amazing to permanently do without meds altogether but those first couple of weeks of euphoria don’t last and end up feeling really bad then.