Witch I am not

Continuing the discussion from Odd “symptoms” of schizophrenia:

What is wrong with a witch label? There are good witches as well as bad, and who is to judge you except yourself.

I know our house has a portal to the other side because I saw a long line of beings waiting for their turn at the portal to be met by the hand that was to take them over. There was a guardian standing a mist of blue light, making sure that the hand was their sponsor or they couldn’t cross. When they stepped through there was a quick flash of a brilliant whitish light. Then the next being waited for confirmation. This went on for what seemed like hours, all the while I was watching from underneath the coats hanging in the closet with no door. All at once I must have breathed to hard because every head turned in my direction, something was said, and it all went dark and still.
So many things have happened in this house that can’t be explained except by slapping a SZ label on me.

I have always called myself “a white wizard” because of the supernatural forces that have come into my life off and on…I haven’t experienced any supernatural ghosts in my life but still feel my grandfather’s ghost presence whenever I am near going to sleep…schizophrenics have more to do with the spirit world than non schizophrenics…our mind is open because of what we have seen when ill…csummersx, you sound delusional as crap and I wish you would take meds for your illness…worried about you !

@jukebox That was many years ago that I witnessed that, I still don’t think it was because of SZ. I wasn’t connected to it in any way, except to witness it, and I never mentioned it to others.

Right or wrong people do judge others. You can’t undo a label in most peoples mind once you did the behavior that got you that label.
It’s kind of a paradox that the more you try to say your not a witch, the more people see you as a witch…after all, we would have never known you got a revenge spell put on someone you didn’t like if you hadn’t told us yourself…so you are promoting that label you hate yourself. You’d be best to focus on another topic so people won’t form this opinion of you if you want it to stop. It takes time, but eventually most people will forget it.