My work that's shared with everyone else, and a world that connects with my Schinophrenia

I’ve came to believe my world, the one we share, is at affect. I only think this with two connections: This world, the one I live, the one you live in shared memory. And. The one that isn’t visible, yet, it can be. Or is it Schizophrenia? I am not sure.
First of. I’m an extremely lacker for better grammer, expecially learning some other things. I guess. Disability?

For the past two, maybe two and five months. I was suppose to be dead, long ago. That’s what my Schizophrenia says anyway. Why do I believe? I kinda do, it’s difficult to say.
I believe in my Schizophrenia for few reasons.

  1. It attempted to changed my vision so I can see black figures, and believe me, it did work. For an instant. If you have ever watched that Religious Movie called “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” (Great movie) it was something like that. When you, like Emily, after that demon came to haunt her, posses her. It came to that like me. And like in the movie. She tried getting help but everyone around her appeared like a demon, only for show. It was like that. - I was scared the entire night and for the next few days. Slowly, I came to full realization it can only appear like that, and never be like that in reality. I became a bit more calm…
  2. A demon came to be, it being a famous demon amounst the ones in Schizophrenia world. Not giving any names because it’s attach to a belief, culture.
    It told me it will Inhale

Damn. I tried sharing everything but that damn thing cuts it out. I’m a little Paranoid…

you are safe on here , no one will judge you, for we all are in the same boat.
getting paranoid is normal for here.
this is a safe place to talk about anything and express anything.
i talk to demons and angels and everything else my living room is often quite crowded.
take care

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Angels and demons. It’s hard to tell them from part: One is Shadow, yet, those shadows are also light (white).
Darksith. I am glad to hear and thanks for you sympathy.

I have one extra question: Do you know the difference’s between Applaud and Favor? It’s those language my demons talk in(maybe the same with you?).

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i do agree it is hard to tell them apart, the dark angels , that is what i call them , i always thought were bad but actually they are good, go figure !?!
i am sorry my demons don’t speak like what you have mentioned, mostly they scream in my face (though at the moment the volume is on ’ off ’ with them , who knows why)
but welcome to the site and this place has helped me heaps.
take care