Wish sucks im never buying from them again

I return 3 things because they were too small or too big and they flag my account now i cant return anything anymore, they say i abuse there charitable refund policy thats bullcrap, i made some research there net worth is valued at 3billion right now. Are you serious. a couple of returns is not even pennies for them, its nothing. I deactivated my account im done with wish. They suck. Cheap b@stards.


Why am i not surprised. SURELY you must have seen all the YT videos for the crap they send out? They play on peoples greed cos its so cheap - but its a false economy.

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Most of the stuff I buy from AliExpress (same as the stuff that is on Wish) is actually of pretty decent quality. If you look at reviews and stars then you’re pretty safe. I haven’t needed to return anything either.

@oe1489 shipping those items from China is expensive. If you returned 3 items then it sounds pretty likely that they have been losing money on having you as a customer. You’re not abusing the system but flagging your account makes sense.


Fair Enough mate. I stand corrected.

There really is a lot of shitty stuff there though. You need to be careful with what you buy.


flagging my doesnt make sense at all, just a few items. yea maybe if return 10 items thats abuse but a few no. they are creedy b@stards thats all, they make billions bro. they just want money thats all.

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