Winter storm tonight...possibility of tornado

I hope the sirens don’t go off tonight…hate cramming all of us in my walk in closet during siren warnings…sheesh.


is that in Arkansas or Kansas?


A couple of inches of snow here last night. Let me know where to send it.

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oklahoma. quite used to it but it scares my wife to no end…I’ve lived here most of my life and pretty used to the warnings…but it happens a lot more than it used to…so maybe I get a little nervous.

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I lived in Choteau, OK for 6 months. I wasn’t there during tornado season.

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wow I know folks from choteau…small world…

All is calm music gently feel the cold coming in they say it’s going to snow tonight after it rains again I don’t believe it’ll last long with the temperatures we were going to have perhaps

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Hope you get thru the night without anything too serious @jukebox.

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