Winter is comming

I’m already going outside with my winter jacket. I have Alaska jacket from super dry

Does it snow where you live

It means covid is coming back.

UK, cases are going up again

Ai kuramba

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Yeah stay safe…

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We shouldn’t get snow till January
I like this time of year autumn

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I bought some winter gloves today at the dollar store.


Why are you worried about winter already? The first day of fall was just a few days ago. We have a long fall ahead of us before winter is here.

Fall just started!


I used to wear the exact same ones.

Oh how I love glitter…


not here it isn’t.

are you wanting the future. think of today.

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I had another pair too, but I think I lost one.


Someone in my place switched on central heating on today for first time
… Whilst I’m having my bedroom window open lol.

Strange and mysterious world we live in


I hang clothes out in November.

I am preparing for winter but l love the smell of leaves on the ground and I enjoy the cool breeze whilst the sun is shining…

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I’d say 3 months. see you then.

I use my winter jacket but still autumn.

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It’s like 100 here in Arizona.

I need a nice coat but they are expensive.

i think we need winterous freeeze

Rarely do we have a winter where it doesn’t snow but snows bigger than a few inches are not common either.

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I love a heavy snowstorm at night when people prefer to just stay inside bc it makes me feel safe.