Winter and snow came

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Gde ti jevyush ?

Eastern Finland

Looks beautiful,

Honestly reminds me of Novisibirsk from what I remember of it.

I have been reading the news from Novisibirsk sometimes …

Haven’t been in years.

The snow looks really nice, that’s what I miss most from there.

When the snow came, it came, in numbers, and it stayed.

I would like to visit Novisibirsk one day …

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Never knows what happens in the world. 20 years ago I lived in a house in Atlanta, GA and waited for the divorce hearing and then I went through a divorce after which I lived over two years in my auto in Miami and elsewhere in the USA. And now 20 years has passed and I am here in Eastern Finland wearing my fur hats and enjoying our winter. How did I get here? I like this song.

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