Winter pics from Eastern Finland

It was a little tough to ride my bicycle, but okay, I met a few people.



Looks great

We have not had snow like that for years

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I have been fortunate/unfortunate enough not to have been in (real) snow my entire life.
The snow makes it look beautiful, but desolate. Must be nice to see someone on the roadway once in a while.

It might be time to upgrade to something with treads and/or a motor, if your bicycle is giving you a harder time.

I also like to walk in the cold snowy dark evening. I also meet people in this way. Surprisingly today I met one Brian from Wyoming, America. He had three children and talked about many things. I told how I had lived over two years in a car and driven across America four times. I told about Miami and how my relationship had lasted 10 years while he said his had lasted only one year. I told that all major AI developments are happening in America and how I had created a AI movie scene, he has just used ChatGPT on his smartphone. I had travelled in America much more than he had and he had not even visited Florida, Miami or even Key West. I told how 30 % of Miami’s population is originally from Cuba. Well, it was good to talk with him, he asked if I had been in Colorado and I told I had gone downhill skiing twice there. He had also been in El Paso TX where I was and met some Mexican women. It was good to talk with him. You never know whom you meet in the cold snowy dark evening in Eastern Finland.


wow, you have really travelled a lot, i hope i can travel a bit more this year, i don’t think i could travel across America but maybe Canada.

I love your pictures. They remind me of a fantasy land. Far far away, I’ll never get to travel to. It is snowed in the last 48 hours. And was rather pretty this morning. Keep safe


Beautiful pics of winter. It doesn’t snow much in Texas.

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TX is a beautiful one star state, I have been there many times, I got engaged there in 1991, but then the marriage ended in 2000. Once I drove in Southern TX from LA and they stopped every car, I suppose they tried to find illegal aliens.

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