Windows 10... sound not working... no volume icon

and all other techies…

My volume icon is gone, and my sound is not working.
Did restart…
Still not sound.

go to control panel


you can figure out the rest :smile:

ive had this happen before

That’s the weird part though… i cant find Sound anywhere in Settings. (w10 control panel = Settings)

Is there nothing that says “Hardware and sound”

you can also search sound on the searchbar at the bottom

if that doesn’t work restart your computer

if that doesn’t work, i dont know what to say

found the Sound settings.
It says everything is up and running … just doesn’t work. Thanks though, @turningthepage

go to levels and change the level, it might just pop up again

Did that… levels on 100… no luck

damn thats weird good luck

…click out of

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Did that… still no luck



is it set to a different audio playback device? or is it set to the default?

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mine was doing that and it was set to a set of speaker I don’t have, try setting default to each set of speakers till one works. mine listed about 8 of them

Some PC requires you to plug in the speaker or headphone before it can work. I cannot know for sure, but worth a try.

For certain issues, you need to update the Windows (as well as audio driver) and restart for several times before it can work. Just guessing.

I think it is software problem.

Sounds working, thanks everyone

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