Computer problem

Anyone know why the sound on my computer would go out? I have external speakers. I can hear static noise coming from
the speakers so they are working. But no sound comes out on any videos I play. Did I accidentally hit a button on my keyboard that messed up my sound?

Dumb question, but has to be asked…are the connections in the computer firmly in place? Sometimes if the connector gets pulled out halfway, this will happen.

I double checked the connections. The sound still does not work.

Is it just when you try to play videos or can you successfully play an mp3 file or something else?

Thanks for replying. I have heard the term “mp3” bandied about often but I do not know what it is.

It’s a music file format. I’m guessing you’re having problems on

Yeah. But also on my internet Yahoo home page, I can not play videos from news stories.

Last time I had problems with my sound, it took a lot of time for me to find out that I had accidently hit the “mute” button. :blush: When I hit Unmute… my sound came back.

I’m NOT tech savvy.

What exactly happens when you hit “play?” Just static comes out? Does the video itself play on?

The sound is that sound you hear from speakers when nothing is playing but the volume is turned up all the way.

When I hit play, the video plays but it is silent.

Damn, you got me. I’m stumped. The only other things I can think of is the Flash plugin is screwed up, or you may just need to simply reboot. Now I’m shooting in the dark.

Go into control panel, sound devices, hardware, then in that window select you audio controller, then click properties on the bottom of the screen, another window will pop up and there will be a tab that says drivers, hit that and click on update driver. If that fails your sound card might be bad, you could buy an upgraded sound card to fix that…
Hope that helps :sunny:

I couldn’t see “audio controller” anywhere.

like SurprisedJ siad have you checked that you have not muted sound bottom right hand corner click on the speaker symbol try that first

Thanks, I checked that, it is not on mute.

What operating system do you have?

Windows 7. And my computer is an HP pavilion slimline.

Reftesh yourt driver, Go to start bottom left then click on control panel, then hardware and sound then under deviceces and printer click device manager then click sound, right click on each listings and update driver hope that works

I tried it five times. I click on “sound” and nothing happens.