Windows 10 upgrade ... sound not working

The sound won’t work, I tried many things like updating the drivers, troubleshooting the driver, etc. Can’t get it to work. Has anyone had this problem?

Err… no… I decided to upgrade when I’m sure it has no more bugs, my cousin couldn’t turn on his laptop since he upgraded


try restart your computer or go to sound panel and disable the sound that you’re playing through and re-enable it and re-open browsers/programs that you’re using.
right click the sound button click play back devices, disable the sound you’re using and then right click the white area to show disabled drivers and re-enable them, reboot pc re-start programs you’re using. It should fix it.

Thanks, it worked with a restart.

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A friend of mine works in IT and has a tshirt that says “Did you try reboot?” :smile:

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That’s genius.

Try this

Sosososomeone, not sayin’ who, posted on this thread and then immediately deleted, and now I can’t get the thread to show as read on my topic list. It’s gone on long enough. I am forced to post here even though I have nothing worthwhile to add. So it goes.

Glad you got the sound working again, @Flameborn.

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