Will you make any New Year's resolutions?

I know @everhopeful will; his thread gave me the idea to make this one.

I’m not sure if I will this year or not, but I have a couple I’m thinking about.

One possible resolution is to join a gym and start working out again, such a common one, though that depends on COVID restrictions. If I make that a resolution I will join the local Planet Fitness in February. I used to go to a different PF, and every January the gym would be busy af, with all the people who joined as a part of a New Year’s resolution. Those people fizzle out by February or March.

I also want to get down to a healthy BMI. I’m only 8 lbs over the upper limit for healthy.

I also want to start showering more, and taking better care of my teeth and gums.

Joining a gym would get me to shower more, since I always shower after a workout.

Anyway… do you think you will make New Year’s resolutions this year? If so, what will they be?


Mine will be what it always is,

Start counting calories, jog again, do my yoga, everyday.

I’m good for about two months, then lose motivation.

Lets hope this year is different.

I’ve really got no excuses.


I plan on sticking to my special diet and losing a lot more weight.


I would like to do a regular yoga practice in 2021, or some other kind of body work, to strengthen my mind-body connection.


just a couple workout more consistently, i have a gym in dad’s garage. and also to continue with my quitting smoking. will save a couple thousand dollars not smoking each year.


Probably not, but I do want to lose some weight.


I’m split on staying quit on nicorette or starting to vape. My parents want me to stay quit but I miss having a smoke and the hit it gives. I tried to order a vape but my card was declined. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll make it my resolution to stay quit.


I just ordered an exercise bike so I can start doing that in the basement but aside from that I would like to read more books for 2021.


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