Will there be a Sz.Com app?

Am I right in assuming is thinking of working on an app? Based on the home page questionnaire.

they might be… or they might just want too.

This software is pretty high developed and would be hard to port. they’d basically just be cloning a browser and running the software. i think the discourse folks have a stand alone app software set up.

Who knows though. Come to think of it I’ve never search the app store for schizophrenia… I wonder what I’d find

Good idea, I’ll edit the title.

Oh, haha, I’m quickly typing on my phone and not proof reading. Always have typos in my posts.

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Yeah whats cooking @szadmin?

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If you have an iPhone, you could try this:

Edit: it’s some unofficial app, so use at your own risk.

Anyway, the mobile version of the site works just as well if not better than a dedicated app in my opinion.


We’re thinking about it - but no decision yet. It wouldn’t be until next year if we do decide to do it.