Why isn’t there one?

There’s kinda one, but it’s more of an extension

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It’s called the Discourse app. You can download that one, then add to the forums you follow.

It gives notifications, which can be good but can also be stressful. The app itself just runs the mobile browser through the app. I personally just use chrome, because it’s easier.


Since the last update the app kind of sucks. It gives push notifications, which is a plus for me, but everything else and it sucks.


I see. Appreciate the info. I might look into it, but also seems like a third party software. I’ll use a proprietary app the second it drops, and I’m sure many more would. Any hopes in this development, mods?

Using it in chrome is pretty much like an app


Some years ago, the site owner was developing a real app. Guess it died on the vine. We never heard anything else about it. Wild guess: funding issues?