Will the voices ever go away

It’s been 6 months and don’t feel as though meds will ever work so I don’t need em and won’t have to put up with anxiety
Will they ever go away cus I feel better off it

Maybe wrong med? I hear voices since 2009. I’m on meds since 2011. I listen to music all the time to drown them out and get a break.

For some people they do go away , for me they haven’t gone away. I’ve tried med changes and music and distracting myself.

I wasnt hearing voices during last weeks of november 2015. Then i had a breakdown in early December 2015 and landed up in hospital. Heard voices the whole time and was really bad on the last weeks of January but on 1st February i stopped hearing voices, almost. and it got alot better since february. I wish the voices would speak the truth though and, as they say, go away completely on one late night. They have kept promising me that they will go away since my hospital time in December. I actually went to bed every day wishing and hoping they are going to go away, because they told me so. Funny cause ive met a really good looking girl during that same time but whatever, was thinking everything was going right with my life all of a sudden.

none of my voices tell the truth, except beliel, he’s a gargoyle who shows up every now and then. Even he isn’t entirely honest. He says he will protect me from the other voices but he doesn’t do a very good job. The oldest voice is devon the newest voice is Phillip. But since phillip started I’ve hear less of devon.

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I started hearing voices when I was eight. I am 50 now. Over the years I have been o. Medication that dulls them, but none made them go away until I started having days without them. For me stress activates them. Don’t give up on the meds there are others to try


Like Orange, my meds blunt the voices!

I also found MBCBT helped me lose the voice completely for 2 hrs, it was as amazing as it was scarey!

I found that labelling the voices as that “voices” and using mindfulness helped enormasly and its the technique I still use when ever I become acute!


what do the voices tell you? Is there a way I can figure out if my son hears voices? He was diagnosed with sz and I believe he hears voices but I am not sure. He tries to cover up his illness to a degree. He listens to music a lot with his headphones on.

This voice hearing episode has been going on around 5-6 years now. I can’t remember exactly. Before that I had voices, but they would stop after 6 months. I am hoping they will stop one day.

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I agree with others, voices never truly go away best you can to is manage and accept them. I tend to be much smarter than them.

I consider myself recovered even though I still hear them. I am functioning at a high level too.

The only med that helped my grandson was Clozapine please give it a try

Anxiety can also make voices more active. Ask your pdoc about help with the anxiety.

Mine went away pretty much in the last year. It’s been around 5 years since it was full blown. And then off and on.
Had to rebuild my core beliefs and toss out old ones and do lots of work on critical thinking. It’s been a long process. Now I’m mostly battling negative symptoms

Perhaps you should open your own Topic/Thread under a family category!

I don’t like to share what the voices say, as It’s private to me! However I do sometimes say the general topic of the conversations.

For some people listening to music really helps atm I’m listening to some “Major Lazer”! Although just because he likes his music blaring out doesn’t mean he has is using it to distract himself or drown out voices!

I can live with the voices as they are not loud
But my problem is I get paranoid symptoms every few days and they make me feel very depressed and have caused me much anxiety whic I have managed to cope with
I feel unlucky that I haven’t made full recovery like some people who take antipsychotics do

ok I am sorry. I am new to this.

I agree there is a big pattern related to anxiety and they should addressed. I have found that amitriptyline helps a great deal and using a multi drug approach (to treat anxiety) can be very beneficial, My antipsychotic is compatible with all this.