Will Smith hits Chris Rock on Oscars stage (video)

In case you missed it !

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I think it was a publicity stunt for both actors


It did not look like a publicity stunt to me the way Will Smith was yelling at Chris Rock when he took his seat. He looked legit angry.


I do things like that when someone makes fun of my boyfriends weight

And Chris Rock kept the show going.

What a pro.

My sister worked with him a few years ago and said he was super nice.

Anyway, I don’t know if it was genuine,

But Will Smith is an proven â– â– â– â– â– â– â– .

Don’t like him,

Won’t watch anything with him in it.

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I just feel like Chris Rock effed around for a very long time and finally found out.


I just read the full story.

Chris rock made a joke about Jada looking like GI Jane.

She recently came out saying she has alopecia.

Maybe the slap/punch was legit.

Still don’t like Will Smith.

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Maybe his star power is running out so he needed some publicity. It got everyone talking about him


Never watch the Oscars.

It’s a big incestuous club of self-aggrandizing rich people.


I agree that his star power and celebrity status is starting to fizzle out so he made some publicity for himself by slapping Chris Rock.
If you ask me they are both washed up.

Will Smith could have handled the situation differently and didn’t have to resort to violence.

The spotlight was on Ukraine and away from him.

I get the sense that Will Smith may be a narcissist


Just glad this wasn’t a race issue…like a white guy hitting a black man or vice versa.

I dunno, sometimes the bully needs a tune-up once and a while. I might have done the same thing if a comic made fun of my wife’s affliction.

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It would have been more fun had Jada punched him.

She’s got to still have some of those Matrix moves.

I think this whole thing is stupid and that every year since Sandra Bullock won her Oscar,

It’s been a complete shitshow.

This is what they get for trying for ratings instead of honoring talent.

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I saw some of the show, looked up the clip.
Well, something happened…

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Ultimately I blame the organizers for having Chris Rock appear in the first place.

This is supposed to be wholesome family-night entertainment. Seinfeld or Steve Martin would have been better choices in my opinion.

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Ive never seen the oscars. Its just awards for actors?

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Oscars are for movies…Grammys are for music…Emmys are for television…Tonies are for theatre.

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The whole thing is a joke. Mostly bc they never asked for my opinion on who should get an Oscar.


I still do not watch it even though I get high often from watching movies.


Theres only one man who deserves an oscar…



Also from CNBC :joy:

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