Will I ever be able to drive?

I’ve always wanted a car so I can visit places. I’m not deemed that I can’t drive, I know it will be harder. But I’m on maximum disability benefits and they don’t look too favourable on people who can drive as its hard driving. These disability benefits are my only income. I would pass my test and go into driving jobs but if I become ill again I’ll just lose out and they’ll cancel my licence. I really like the thought of driving but this will have an massive impact on my benefits as it makes out I’m too able. I can just use the money for vacations and holidays aboard instead but I would like a car.

Does anybody here claim disability benefits and still drive?

Hi I get disability and still drive, well that is when I’m not to anxious to drive lol


I’m unsure of your system but I am on disability and drive. I also drove forklifts whilst on antipsychotics.

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Yes, I’m on disability and drive okay.

I’m on SSDI and drive my own car. The only issue I might have is that I will never make enough to replace that car if something happens to it, even with insurance. I’ll never make enough to buy a new vehicle, only used ones.

If you are cognitively functional enough to live on your own without aid the answer is probably yes. If you need a lot of help from others with basic things then the odds are that you will not be able to operate a vehicle well or safely.

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