Will CBD be a mono antipsychotic if it comes out?


U can try them now …!! Cuz X_mas and new year is over now…!!! u can inform after u have any information…!!


No I tried calling them half hour ago, but there closed still. Hope you guys are alright by the way.


CBD has zero psychoactive effects? I thought it did…


It contains a small amount of THC .


Cbd side effects :


that’s for epilepsy … It may not be side effectious for Sz … My wish …!! All the medicine that works for mind are always sedative or they give drowsiness… Brain is such a ■■■■■■■■■■■■ complex of all complexes …!!! Man we don’t expect effective treatment in our life time …!!! May be next generTION might get its treatment …!! So unlucky we .!!! I am already 30 years older then ■■■■ …!! no time for me…!!


GW pharmaceuticals says they’ll be open on Tuesday, so hopefully I can get some info on Tuesday.


Someone here emailed them, and got a response. Can’t remember what the exchange was about now though.




Hopefully they can shed some light on this CBD antipsychotic claim. Any good news is welcomed. I’m also gonna ask them if I could take cannabidiol by itself without other antipsychotics, as a mono-antipsychotic.


GW pharmaceuticals said they call me back within the hour.


That’s positive sign …!!! Green inform us if they call u back …!!!
I am pretty mad with my negative symptoms !!! hope cbd works for positive symptoms…!!
Even for negative symptoms…!!!
Hey Green ask them if works for negative symptoms…!!!


Well I spoke to the lady who was very informative. It’s unfortunately bad news. She said that they aren’t doing any more trials with CBD for schizophrenia, it’s all evolved around epilepsy. She basically said to give up on it, and to check the website for any information. GW pharmaceuticals aren’t gonna waste their time with schizophrenia and it’s only really for certain people with epilepsy. She also said to check with your doctor before taking CBD. But there was no positive information. So sadly I’m gonna stop experimenting with CBD , which I think doesn’t help. She said that there CBD is different to hemp CBD and it contains different cannabinoids. There might be hope but GW pharmaceuticals aren’t doing anymore schizophrenia trials. So I’m thinking it failed to pass. :frowning:

GW Pharmaceuticals have given up on CBD for schizophrenia?

That’s very informative. So the only hope left is Echo Pharmaceuticals.


My guess was right …!!! I wonder maximum drug fails at lateral stage …!! SZ is ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ complex…!!! How to be positive in such situation …!! Even drugs takes decade to make it to our local market …!!


This is an excellent question, and the answer on CBD will take time, and it isn’t black-and-white all-or-nothing. I mean, how long has it taken psych meds to get their reputation?? Antipsychotic meds don’t get a great review on PubMed

So let me add, as I have before, I DON’T work for CW Hemp (makers of Charlotte’s Web). I’m a dad with a sz adult child.

We used CBD with varying degrees of success for 2 years. I’m not sz and I take 100mg. per day to fight depression, and 100mg. at night to nearly cure the neuropathy (nerve damage, sever pain) in my feet. It helps me focus, sleep and feel more hopeful.

We went from using 60mg.CBD /day – to 650mg.CBD /day over a 14 month period.

It kept getting better until 300-500mg./day got worse. But 650mg/day was amazing (this is a known “modulated bell curve” of efficacy). Charlotte’s Web is excellent and water soluble pure CBD worked even better. (Be careful, because not all CBD claiming to be water soluble is NOT. It has to go through more processing, so beware of claims!)

But here’s what we found: most people can’t keep consistent long enough to see the results they want. We don’t expect SAMe or 5-HTP or Sarcosine to be a cure in 30 days, right? We don’t expect insulin to cure us in 30, 60 or 90 days, right? Since doctors do not have a solid CBD prescription protocol, WE have to figure out the dose, and the brand and incorporate that with pharma norms. GW Pharma probably has their hands full. Give it time.

The answer to your question is probably that CBD may or may not be a “single” remedy for sz. Dr. Daniele Piomelli at UCI in California thinks it will be, but much work is needed to get the definitive answer.

In two years I’ve not met one person who has experienced any of those side effects. Dr. Piomelli used pure pharma grade CBD. No THC. (His study ends up using 800mg. CBD/day. Oh, and it’s clinical shown to be safe up to 1,500mg./day.) Charlotte’s Web Advanced potency has 50mg. CBD and 1.8mg. THC per 1 mL. serving. Does including cannabinoids other than CBD help or hinder? Unknown right now.

NOT CBD. My son slept better, but had no lethargy, dizziness, weight gain, brain fog during daytime ever. I sleep better using it, but for it helps me focus in daytime. CBD is a known “wake-inducing compound” according to this study.

They are indeed focused on epilepsy. But high-quality CBD is available and SHOULD NOT be blown off entirely just because GW doesn’t have it first priority. Maybe they have huge hurdles just to get it on the market for epilepsy. Disclaimer: there also is low-quality CBD out there too, and either way, it’s not cheap. If you don’t think it’s helping you, it’s key that you are CERTAIN about the product you’re trying. Some hemp from China can have impurities from the soil and mess with anything you might be sensitive to. Insist on organically grown. Charlotte’s Web is made in an FDA-certified lab. It’s clean and reliable.

The CBD molecule is the same, no matter where it comes from, or it’s just not CBD! But Charlotte’s Web is a full plant extract and has lots of cannabinoids. Again, I don’t work for CW Hemp. I’ve used 99.9% pure dharma-grade CBD and it worked even better. Some like the cannabinoids, some like the pure stuff.

Don’t give up!!! And don’t put all your eggs in one basket! There are plenty of studies, and you see many of the same scientists working on this stuff. THEY aren’t giving up!!! They are on your side! Here’s a few of the newer studies…

Neurosci Biobehav Rev. 2017 Jan

Front Pharmacol. 2016 Nov 8

J Clin Psychopharmacol. 2016 Dec

Transl Psychiatry. 2016 Oct 18
Although all current antipsychotics act by interfering with the action of dopamine at dopamine D2 receptors, two recent reports showed that 800 to 1000 mg of cannabidiol per day alleviated the signs and symptoms of schizophrenia, although cannabidiol is not known to act on dopamine receptors.

Be comprehensive in your quest. :slight_smile: Here’s another maybe breakthrough?

How about autoimmune disease and GLUTEN causing brain fog, MS, mood swings and more? Not everyone who has sz – ONLY has sz! OTHER factors can be at play. We are complex creatures! http://bipolarhealthgroup.org/index.php/healthy-brain-support-and-nutrition-care/

Keep up the quest! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the information jimgym, I’m still hopeful for CBD , and I still use the hemp CBD , but it’s hard to tell if it’s doing anything because I take other antipsychotics along side it. Charlottes web is great, it comes from cannabis not hemp and has a different array of cannabinoids to help the CBD process better in the body. The lady from GW pharmaceuticals was really friendly and helpful. Even though GW pharmaceuticals aren’t doing anymore trials, on their website it states it is somewhat helpful in schizophrenia, whether it’s for certain people only, who knows, but it’s only helpful with a majority of epileptics. CBD has other benefits, if it doesn’t help with schizophrenia it might help in other areas. Thanks for your positive information jimgym, really appreciate it mate.


Hey Green as everhopeful said Echo pharma is trying cbd for Sz too Beside Gw Pharma …!!!


Also @jimgym, I’m 1 week gluten free and do actually feel more refresh. I take hemp CBD along side antipsychotics. I have tried charlottes web, but I was also taking other antipsychotics along side it at the time so it’s hard to feel the effects of CBD. I would like to try CBD without the dopamine inhibiting antipsychotics. I’m wondering if GW pharmaceuticals even trialled CBD by itself, or was it add-on therapy. Antipsychotics can inhibit the efffects of CBD I think, so I guess someone out there should try CBD without having antipsychotics in their system for a true review/trial. Guess we’ll have to see for ourselves. Btw gluten free has helped me out big time. I do actually feel better gluten free, and it’s not really that hard to go gluten free. Thanks!


Cheers far cry , I’m not giving up on CBD , it’s a very complex drug… cannabis. I still have my hopes for it. :slight_smile: