Epidiolex as an Antipsychotic

There is a medicine called Epidiolex, it’s pure CBD. It’s currently being investigated in a trial for treating psychosis. Maybe this could be a cheap way of getting the required dose of CBD to work as an antipsychotic if your country has a discount scheme for medication.

Or maybe just take the darn antipsychotic as prescribed?


Trouble with the cannabis crowd is that it will replace antipsychotics. It’s at best an adjunct treatment at our present technologies and I seriously doubt it’s efficiancy as a solo ap. I think there’s a disconnect about what it may achieve and it’s unrealistic.

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Why would I take the antipsychotic when it takes away my emotions, and stops me being able to think complex thoughts. This looks like a promising alternative to antipsychotics and the people designing the trial hope it will herald a new treatment paradigm

it has been shown to be as effective as amisulpride

Those symptoms are reported well before antipsychotics. Negatives and positives. There’s no panacea to help and cbd isn’t an answer…otherwise we’d all know about it.

And that is a specific thing on the internet and probably not a fact. Please fact check and this is closed. You’ve been warned about this before. Stop opening threads about this topic when you’ve others on the go.

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