Gw pharma (the cbd guys) epilepsy phase 3

GW Pharmaceuticals Announces Positive Phase 3 Pivotal Study Results for Epidiolex® (cannabidiol)

But it’s for epilepsy in this study.


Stock goes up more than 100%

I’m hoping that this drug has a different mechanism of action compared to currently available AP’s if it makes it to market for schizophrenia.

The only thing that gives me any hope/strength at this point is cbd meds and iti-007.

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Another drug that I hope makes it to market is ADX71149 by Addex Therapeutics.

iti-007 the cool kids are calling it James Bond! (or just me) :wink:

I want to know why we havnt heard anything about phase 2b trials in schizophrenia or if they will ever take place, its been quite awhile since any update.

Yeh they haven’t even said anything on cbd for schizophrenia, that makes me believe it doesn’t work. Oh well

I meant they haven’t released any positive reports for about a year. Cbd most likely doesn’t work.

That’s true, we haven’t heard much for ages. I’m following gw pharma closely, so will post any news as soon as it happens.

CBD has tranquilizig properties - probably better for certain Anxiety disorders.

I dont know how it will do for psychosis - maybe as an add on to current Antipsychotic treatment?