Anyone going to try Epidiolex?


Epidiolex should be released in a few months in the states, Its pure CBD drug for epilepsy.
Is anyone going to try get there hands on it off label for schizo?


Interesting. But no.


@Opus i think they gave up cbd for sz…!! U can google echo pharma…!! Take care …!! And sleep well…!!!


I highly doubt my psychiatrist would prescribe it to me.


I have written them a few times each time they give me a different answer, once they said there not doing it, once they said they might be for pediatric, and the 3rd time they didnt tell me anything. So i dont know whats up with it.


Doubt it would be prescribed to me even if I asked and even if it might help with some of my other issues.


I’m still not sure weather cbd is good for schizophrenia.


I was under the impression that epidiolex was a mix of thc and cbd. Am i wrong?


It’s pure cbd if you look at some of the clinical trials from gwpharma for schizophrenia they even use its name as the drug being tested,


I think they gave up cbd for sz…!!!
Are u still up my man.
Good night brosky…


Scroll down to arms and interventions


Yeah just in bed going to sleep soon, hope your well.


Hi @Opus cbd is really complicated… let wait and watch…