Will be watching all six seasons of Sopranos this year

got 'em on the Netflix cue…with a different movie of our choice between each disc so we don’t get burnt out…

next year…all eight seasons of game of thrones…been putting it off becuase it was so gory but curiosity has the best of me now…gonna really enjoy it I think…my family loves the series…

Nice I’m on season 6 almost done… My favorite show of all time is the sopranos.

I’m gonna start game of thrones after I’m done the show Dexter… that’s another good show is dexter

Excellent choice! Big Pussy was actually my fave.

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You just liked his name :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard its good but never watched it.

I watched it not too long ago on amazon prime. I still haven’t watched all of game of thrones though.

I hear Donald Trump grabbed him once…

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My favorite was Paulie, and my wife thinks his personality is closest to mine. Also, I think Junior had the best lines.

Mine was definitely Tony soprano

I may be a lady’s man, but female characters on Sopranos give me pause. Excellent!

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