Introduced "the Sopranos" to my therapist


She said she was out of series on movies to watch and needed a show…I suggested the Sopranos and now she is binge watching the whole seasons…haha


My last therapist and current therapist are big Sopranos fans.


Cool :grinning: I liked this show too.


That’s pretty much my all time fav show


My new nurse is a huge game of thrones fan.


So is my current therapist.


isn’t the sopranos about mafiosi… glorifying them… i’ve never seen it and don’t want to, seems sick to me


Its about the mob,

But equally about an interesting patient/therapist relationship.


like that movie with de niro, what was it called analyze this

Edit not my thing i guess


Sort of,

More realistic and much darker.


We are currently watching sopranos aswell although I keep on falling asleep after medication so I have some catching up to do.

We do not watch live tv .
We only watch recorded series and films.

Sometimes I browse through headlines on internet .


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