Why would a man empathise or be very gentle with a woman in psychosis (delusions no hallucinations)?

I thought they were scared of us?

Because they have compassion.

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I thought we were beyond compassion for being total weirdos :confused: Like when I was delusional, I was scared of the number 666, I thought I was under surveillance, I thought the tv, radio, internet, the press etc etc were tracking monitoring and communicating messages to me, I had thought broadcasting and thought everyone could read my mind. I couldn’t eat, swallow, walk. I became homeless my psychosis was so bad and then I was hospitalized under the mental health act.

A lot of folks are immune to psychosis, they help because they enjoy helping people. I’ve met quite a few in the psychiatric industry who were wonderful to me.

I agree. a lots of people have compassion for us :slight_smile: The people were nice to me too :slight_smile: But they should have in mind that we are weirdos yeap but dont focus on it. take advantage from the help offered to you :wink: .