How do you feel when you see an undiagnosed psychotic person suffering on the streets?

Today I saw a person who was not “normal”. He was shouting and speaking to himself and when someone started filming him he started dancing and singing.

I felt bad that nobody is there to take care of him. His shirt was torn… I felt really bad that I cannot help him.

It’s very sad I hope everyone gets the help they need


Ugh. That’s messed up someone would start filming him😣


I get sad for them and feel a bit scared. Unpredictable people make me nervous, and I make sure to stay at a distance that would allow me to dodge if they did something unpredictable directed at me.
I also try not to stare, so they won’t feel threatened.


It makes me very sad, at times enough to be emotional enough to cry.


Soon after a guy started filming it there were around 10 people who gathered around and starting cheering and laughing at the whole incident.

I was totally powerless as I thought mob mentality would prevail over my will to stop it.


That makes me so angry and sad at the same time!

I hate when people do stuff like that.


What hurts me is that people often do nothing to help. People get scared.

People did nothing when I first became psychotic. The residence kicked me out after my first episode.

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Trust me if there was a way to help him … I would have done that.

But there aren’t any helpline numbers that I could have used. In india the help for sz people on streets who don’t have any money for treatment is next to zero.

The stigma is too high in my society.

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I was treated even worse during my episodes. I was beaten up by people in a train when I ran away from home… Heavily mocked everywhere I went.

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The stigma is high here too.

Trust me, if I actually believed that people could help or abide with me, I would have made friends.

Unfortunately that has never happened, and I’m done trusting people to help me.

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The best thing someone ever done for me when I was in the street delusional and acting out was calling the ambulance and the police… to be honest. I got hospitalized and medicated.

It prevents people from getting hurt, or furthermore others. In a long run it can help


I’m sorry that has happened to you.

Maybe we were meant to suffer, and I’m not even sure why.

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I give him distance.

The toughest part for an onlooker is to figure out if the person in question is just plain stupid or psychotic. There is a very thin line between the two and people often miss it. That’s why the lack of help.

Yeah, and often there are developmentally disabled people as well so I don’t even know if I will be able to help.

I’ve helped developmentally disabled people and they sometimes exhibit similar behaviours.

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I so much hope that this was the case in my society as well but here it’s all about money. If you have money you get treated if not they just ignore your suffering.

I see delusional people in the street atleast once a week.

Either they don’t have care takers or they don’t have money. Funds are very low here for NGO’s.

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It could be just cultural issue as well. People often don’t associate themselves with me when they find out that I have psychosis. After a while, I just stopped talking to my fellow colleagues and classmates.

It’s usually common here to put people in hospitals for all of their lives. Even if they manage to get out, they usually spend their entire lives in government facilities.

I’m also physically disabled and I’m pretty sure the level of care I need is at the government facility, so I’m 100% sure I may end up there. I might need day-to-day caregiving.

It’s a sad situation.


I wish I had like a million dollars or more just for the purpose of donation.

Not for living or my daily sustenance.

Imagine changing people’s lives with that. I would gladly give out if I was a millionaire.


In my case I got a gift from God in the form of my parents. They support me in every way they can and more. They listen to all of my frustrating rants and give me space and understand me in every way they can.

I sometimes feel bad that they deserved someone better than me.

Other than that I have not much emotional support from my other family members and friends.

I realized late and hard that when push comes to shove your real friends and pillars of strength are your parents and no one else.

I just have superficial relations with the rest of the world including my siblings. I understood that noone got time for my nonsense.

I don’t blame them. I just became wiser.