Why the ugly block letters?

Where did the nice artistic geometrics go? Why did they have to leave?


I’m thinking something was changed for those how had their real names on their accounts but I’m not sure. SZAdmin will answer later tonight I’m guessing.

Not sure. I miss them.


I like the letters. The geometric patterns were ugly. I think the letters fit the look of the forum better.

Yep…But I would not like to be reduced to a single capital letter or number.

That kind a reminds me of being stamped with the single title “Schizophrenic”.

I prefer the artistic geometric patterns. The block letters are ugly and confusing !


I updated the software last night - and I guess that is part of the new software. It seems to take the first letter or number of your user name and make that into a block letter/number. I actually like it better because now it means something - whereas before it was just a random pattern. Oh well - I’m sure others won’t like it. Either way we encourage you to find your own image to use as an avatar.

Could always try and make something like this…

I just picked the first one I saw which happened to be the 7…when I made the avatar it was 7 KB !

i didnt like the shapes because some of them resembled the swatztika and that was triggering for me a couple of times,

the shapes were pretty unremarkable i think it was just the colour that i went by mostly i think but i still had to drag the pointer over the avatar to see the username come up so i knew who it was, now i think it will be easier to tell who’s who

**** Hi~
I am really having trouble trying yo change my avatar. pretty sure I am following the directions–but only changes the backround on my profile-not the avatar. What am I doing wrong?

See this thread:

Ok…have already done this-but will try again thx!

Some people find that they have problems using the Microsoft Explorer web browser - but not the Google Chrome Browser.

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To B or not to B, that is the question.

I think thats it! Ill try Google chrome…Thanks~