Block system revisited

Still, the only poster I can identify is 77nick77. His block holds the number 7.

Yeah I can’t really figure out who is who

These letters suck. Can you undo this please @SzAdmin?


Pleased to meet you.

I don’t think this can be undone however everyone should be able to go in and upload their original avatars, if they still have them.

As @pob wrote, the only person I can recognize is @77nick77 its because of the number 7. I prefer the design avatars over these confusing block letters

In honor of Muppet the schnauzer, we should all change our avatars to muppets.

All on favor say, “Ay!”.

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I also think the other graphic was better-but I finally changed my avatar to a tree.


My avatar is a tree also - trees and butterflies have deep spiritual symbolism/meaning for me


Love trees-they remind me of my mother. I have 3 tall birches in my yard. When the wind blows, they are something to see. White butterflies***