Why OH WHY did I have that late night cup of coffee?


I did it again…about seven o’clock I decided I craved coffee…had two big cups and then at nine o’clock pm when I went to sleep my trazadone wore off at 2 am so here I am !! booo


i was tempted to have caffiene before bed too lol (coke) but luckily wasnt really thirst


When I was seven years old I drank a sixteen ounce cola before bedtime, and I’ve had a really hard time falling asleep ever since.


I often fall victim to the late night coffee craving. I know I shouldn’t but often the best cup of coffee can be had late on. Is mother nature’s way of mocking us!


Its was a " No sleep till Brooklyn " experiance, but I am sure you will survive.


I have decaf here for just that situation. Maybe you should invest in some.


decaf… oh decaf the slightly bitter decaf… just make some natrually decaf tea. skip the coffee.


Sacriledge !! haha no decaf !!


That’s funny @crimby

When I was 5 I wanted to eat I was hungry and my mom told me something about the priest said. Some people barely get to eat past the bare minimum. And for that reason I wasn’t allowed to eat that late. I don’t know how that relates exactly but it’s another young bed time story.

I’m lucky I can drink coffee at 5 and be in bed by 9.

Decaf can be good at late at night for this reason.


I’m like that too, now that I’ve developed a huge coffee habit.


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