Why men hate women


Can I help it the vagina gets called an old death hole?
My Dad was always retreating to the womb. We had to be silent when he was driving because the car was a womb to him. He did not like the outside world and any reminder that he was post-birth in it.


I don’t think I’ve ever heard it called that.


it’s a chordy intuition.


I tell ya what, if they called vaginas “old death holes” in kid’s sex education classes we’d probably have a lot lower teen pregnancy rates. :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, it could be why women hate women, too. We went thru the same birth canal.


Its like a vicious circle


where’s william99 with his butt comments like in the old days. haha…


You know, jukebox, sometimes I really miss that guy.


I’ve once heard of a vagina compared to a “really bad grilled cheese sandwich” (Sam Kinison skit). Death hole is a new one to me.



I think vaginas rock !!


i read this and some of my brain cells just exploded…how do you think this stuff up !?!
take care :alien: