I know this doesn't make any sense

People are saying they are going to kill me and have been abusing me. I don’t know why even high profile people want to do this. I need to get help. They can’t get away with this.

I would prosecute them if I could. What they are doing is wrong.

Who is saying this??

Could you be wrong about this? Maybe no one wants to kill you and it’s just your symptoms making you paranoid. What evidence do you have that someone wants to kill you?

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An actress that is pretty well known. She acts like my life doesn’t even matter. Being talked to about all the time in the background. They say they poisoned my food and they try to touch me in my body. She said I was ugly and I don’t know why she is treating me like this.

I’m sure the fear you feel is real.

Since you are on a schizophrenia board, I would guess that this is disease talking to you. But you need people In Real Life to help you see if there is truth to your fears.


Dude, you are symptomatic. I doubt that a famous actress would ruin her career by poisoning you. And how on earth would they touch your body? I suggest going to the ER and tell them you are having symptoms. You need to be medicated, Trust me!


She thinks she can get away with it. As well as a lot of jerks touching my body. They think they can disfigure me. There is something wrong with them in the first place. They won’t leave me alone.

Are you on any meds at the moment?

Yes. They have no reason for doing this. They are insane. Why are they doing this to me? I don’t know why they are trying to ruin me. Maybe it’s just racism.

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Nobody is after you! You need to take your meds or go to the ER. What you are posting is just ridiculous. When I was symptomatic I thought people were poisoning me with LSD.


I had people I went to highschool try to hurt me but I don’t know why. It was really unsettling and I thought they would have never treated me like that. It makes me really depressed.

Does anyone know how to stop this? At least i am well taken care of.

High school was a sucky experience for the most of us. I saw people getting beat up. My friends were depressed and cutting their arms. I saw girls affected by eating disorders. I witnessed bullying and racism. I got beat up by sucky friends and so it goes.

You are not in high school anymore. You have an illness! You need to get medicated because you are struggling with delusions,

Nobody is after you! I promise.


That’s good! 15515151


They really mistreated me but my loved one says just pray but I can’t stand them. I am thinking along the lines of contacting the police at times. I wish people could hear what they say but not me.

They will only drive you to the nuthouse! It’s what happened to me.


Well, if you’re fixating on a real life actress, then you’re probably right when you say you don’t matter to her. Why would some famous, rich, popular actress care about you or your life? She’s too busy making millions of dollars and counting her Rolls Royce’s to care about some poor schizophrenic. Whoever you’re talking about is not even thinking about you specifically unless you live next door to her.


Are they meaning the ‘voices’ speaking with you through your self talk, or sub-vocalization.
Would you have any strange or odd occurrences when out in public.
Would it be 24/7 a day, would meds not work.

Try recording it, and then play it back and see if you can hear the same thing you recorded. If you can hear it, ask a trustworty person to listen to it and tell you if they can hear it too.

You might not be able to record it at all, but even if you can, no-one else would be able to hear it, unless it is real. If it’s real, then go to the police with it.