Why is there two persons inside me?

To be exact, there is three of them.

One believe in this, and another believe in that.
That ‘person’ also talk to me. Now I wonder which one am I?

I remember vaguely an episode from House MD. There was a guy, let’s call him Tom. And they discovered Tom had had a twin brother while in womb, but Tom somehow swallowed him up before birth. But the twin brother still had a conscience and Tom would sometimes have disturbing thoughts that weren’t “his”.

This is interesting. Do you mean it has nothing to do with schizophrenia?

This is the episode summary.

The guy I called Tom was the result of an “in vitro” fertilization, and there were two embrios in the beginning, but Tom somehow absorbed his twin brother… I don’t know if this story is inspired by real facts or pure fiction.