2nd Personality has taken over 1st Personality

I don’t have better explanation than there is 2 personalities inside me. The 1st personality is better than 2nd one, but somehow the 1st personality lets the 2nd one took over. Now they are almost totally different and I (with 2nd personality as my new host) have to learn again to become a good man.

Does this sound familiar to you?

its the same with all human beings. only difference is that you know it while most dont know they have it in them. so chill and you are completely sane


But why the change of personality? I don’t understand.

Thats a brilliant question - both of the personalities represent your consciousness - your inner desires, your frustrations, your emotions, your whole being. One takes over the other when that particular emotion is unfulfilled in yourself

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The 1st personality is gone. I believe I am in charge of the person right now, and from what I understand, I am the 2nd personality.

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I think you have thought insertion or you don’t have sz and actually have dissociative identity disorder.

Either schizophrenia or DID would be tough for me. Thanks for the suggested answer.

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