Why I’m changing pdoc’s

Someone brought bedbugs into the clinic, and I was blamed for it. Another client who was my NA sponsor awhile back told me over the phone he had bedbugs.
My case manager told me not to come in to the clinic until further notice. Only my therapist from the clinic called me last Thursday. If she should call me next week again, I’m going to tell her I was told not to come in.
My case manager also said my apartment would have to be inspected and treated for bedbugs. NO WAY am I saying that to my landlord. I’m on a month lease and she would tell me to get out. I had bedbugs eight years ago and know what they look like. I checked my bed, clothes, upholstered furniture, and paperwork where they live, and I don’t have any.
I have only found two new clinics with three psychiatrists that will treat schizophrenia here where I live.


I don’t blame you for wanting to change pdocs. Good luck.


I hope the new dr is better for you.

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So the only evidence is association with your NA sponsor? Did you see your sponsor in person?

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Only at my old psych clinic two or three years ago

The new one I want I want to see specializes in geriatric psychiatry.

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That’s great :slight_smile: I hope you like them

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