Got an appt with a new pdoc

I get the impression my old one doesn’t want me coming back:

“Y’all don’t need to be traveling with each other until this is under control. Someone will bring your meds do not go to clinic”

“You were neg last week. Everyone should be fine. Those at home test aren’t the best but stay home until further notice”

I got an appointment with a new pdoc August 15th. I’m hoping this new one works out. The new one is going to cost more money, but maybe she’s worth it. She booked me for a 45 to hour long appointment. Maybe back when I was 19 years old I actually spent an hour with a pdoc. I haven’t had an appointment for a whole hour in a very long time.

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I would add no one ever brought me my meds. I had to go to the clinic to get them.

“I will bring your meds. Your apt needs to be inspected and treated”

I got blamed for bringing bedbugs into the clinic, even though I don’t have bedbugs.

When I go to pdoc, I talk to the nurse, get weighed, take blood pressure etc for about 10 mins and then talk to the pdoc for about 5 to 10 mins. No idea what I would do with 45 mins to an hour.

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Thanks @Bowens I don’t know what I’m going to do with an hour too. This is a new patient appointment though, and I may not normally spend that much time with her.

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Good luck @ElGato New pdoc situations can be a challenge, but most I have had dealings with generally do care about people.

It will be all good :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Joker There’s a shortage of psychiatric people here including pdoc’s, so I’m really hoping this one works out. I maybe have two other choices.

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I just took my bed apart along with my recliner, clothes, and paperwork. NO BEDBUGS FOUND!!! I’m tired of my case manager accusing me of bringing bedbugs and Covid to the clinic. I know what bedbugs look like because the HUD housing I used to live in was infested with them.

I now live in clean, decent housing operated by the retired teachers nonprofit. No drinking or illicit drugs here!

Excuse me for trying to better myself and find a decent place to live. The only government assistance I receive now is Social Security and Medicare. I take help from nonprofits and religious charities now.

My case manager is a reformed drug addict, and she constantly runs around with NA clients in her car. But No. Her buddies wouldn’t bring Covid or bedbugs to the clinic.

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You really seem to like your case manager :smile:

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